The Team

The Doctor [412/724/301/703] [ZS|Media]

I am everywhere.

Technomancer.  BOFH.  Security consultant.  Hacktivist.  Member of HacDC.  Project manager working with the Zero State.  Wrote the control panel, some of the captive portal and glue code under the hood. Wrangles packages, conjures daemons, models threats, solves nonlinear problems, charms Pythons, tortures applications. Drinks too much coffee.

Ben the Pyrate (@sitwon)

Programmer, Hacker, and Pirate extraordinaire. Ben is a member of HacDC and a Linux administrator and developer with experience building Live Linux distributions and custom OpenWRT firmwares.


The internet is like a printing press that come with free ink and paper.

haxwithaxe is a programmer, sysadmin, tinkerer, fixer of things (usually because he broke them), and outdoorsman. He is a HacDC member. His experience includes Live CDs, web development, customizing OpenWRT firmware, wilderness survival, woodcraft. He contributes to Byzantium by helping herd cats, writing slackbuilds, and asking silly questions.

As well as countless (and tireless) others…