Project Byzantium asked to assist in relief efforts.

Early last week, the Project Byzantium development team was contacted by the organizers of relief efforts in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York.  We were asked to assist in the construction of a wireless mesh network to aid in relief efforts.  Toward that end, we spent the week assembling an even tinier version of Byzantium Linux which requires almost no user interaction (only to boot the machine) and full compatibility with the Commotion Wireless firmware.  If you would like to preview this functionality you can download the .xzm modules from here, insert them into a copy of Porteus Linux v1.2, and test it for yourself.

During our time in Red Hook we assisted in the installation of a 15 megabit satellite uplink to the global Net and helped grow a burgeoning community wireless network to help provide telecommunications necessary for ongoing relief efforts.

Ben the Pyrate wrote a brief summary of our time in New York City.  The Doctor posted his own writeup a short time later, followed by some photographs he’d taken while on site.