Byzantium v0.5b – Sleep Deprivation!

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our RSS feed or following hashtags on Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen a couple of badly formatted posts about the latest release of Byzantium Linux being made available.  Now that we’ve had some time to catch our breath, consider this our official announcement of the new release.  We’ve decided to call this one Sleep Deprivation because we incurred a significant amount of it while working on this release.  Life and things being what they are, it took us a little while to hit our stride because we’re operating at reduced capacity right now due to the unique summer environmental of the Washington, DC metroplex.  You’ve also probably seen a couple of new tabs on the website, among them a changelog depicting major alterations or upgrades to the distribution.  We haven’t forgotten ByzPi, the RaspberryPi port of Byzantium Linux either.  The packages and configs for ByzPi have been updated to match those in the x86 version, ensuring complete compatibility.  As always, this release is available from our download page.

At this time, we’d like to request assistance from experienced Debian packagers to help us maintain ByzPi.  Debian packaging is very new to us and we’re probably not doing a couple of things correctly.  We would like to help the Debian community by our work, but we’d like to do it in such a way that we’re compliant with Debian’s policies for packaging (which will also no doubt make our package repository easier to maintain in the future).  ByzPi changes as fast as Byzantium Linux for x86 does, which is to say, major releases only, but it’s still a very important part of the project.

After much trial and a lot of error we decided to set up our own BitTorrent tracker to make it easier to distribute Byzantium Linux.  The Pirate Bay, while very stable, helpful, and with a great community draws a lot of fire (in the form of net.censorship) and we’d like our work to get into the hands of as many people as possible.  The other trackers were problematic in one way or another, and in the interest of getting things done we decided to take matters into our own hands.  The tracker software we installed is called WP-Trader, and it implements a relatively simple yet powerful BitTorrent tracker as a function of our CMS.  It also automatically posts new releases to our news feed whenever a new torrent is added.  For additional redundancy we’ve also activated a couple of auxilliary trackers on some of our mirror sites using BitStorm, an ultra lightweight BitTorrent tracker implemented as a single PHP script.  In addition to the BitTorrent DHT, we are fairly confident that we have a robust distribution system.  We know, the formatting on our torrent descriptions is wonkky.  Unfortunately, WP-Trader doesn’t seem to have a way of editing them at this time.  As with any torrent, if you torrent Byzantium Linux please help the swarm and seed for a while so other people can download it more rapidly.

As always, if you have any suggestions or want to report any bugs, please visit our bug trackers on Github (Byzantium Linux, ByzPi).  You are also cordially invited to join our e-mail discussion list or join us in #byzantium on Freenode IRC.